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Est. 1988


 *Eagle Valley, Oxton Road, Arnold


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3390 v Bristol Rovers - F.A.Cup 1st Rd - Dec 1967 (At Gedling Road)
Who are ya? The Eagles
What Division are you in? Step 5 - Northern Counties East Premier Division 
Websites www.arnoldfc.com


You must have come in a taxi

From M1 - Depart at Jnc.26 and continue on A610 until you reach the ringroad (A6514). Turn left onto the dual carriageway for Mansfield A60. After 2.5 miles you will reach the A60. Turn left towards Mansfield and continue until you reach a roundabout. Take the second exit onto the A614 Ollerton Road. After 1 mile, turn right onto Oxton Road, and the entrance to the ground is immediately on your RHS.

From A1 - Leaving the A1 at its junction with the A57 & A614, follow signs for Nottingham on the A614 southbound for 19 miles. Turn left into Oxton Road and the entrance to the ground is immediately on your RHS.

From Nottingham - Follow A60 (Mansfield Road) northbound out of the city. Contionue until you reach a roundabout, where the A60 splits with the A614. Take the second exit onto the A614 Ollerton Road. After 1 mile, turn right onto Oxton Road, and the entrance to the ground is immediately on your RHS.

    There are no present bus services serving Eagle Valley, but this is to be addressed for matchdays.

     Hucknall - 5 miles

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My garden shed is bigger than this

The seed which produced Arnold Town Football Club has existed since the early 1900's.  The earliest photograph of a team from Arnold was taken in 1908.  Indeed, a team photograph of an Arnold ladies team taken in 1922 is thought to be one of the oldest photographs of a ladies team in existence.  

The Club has been renamed on several occasions.  Firstly called White Star, the name was soon changed to Arnold St Marys and then in 1964 the name changed again to Arnold Football Club. Following an amalgamation with Arnold Kingswell, the Club adopted its present title in 1988. Many famous faces have played for the Eagle's over the years. Most recently, the Club hit the headlines when they sold young striker Ben Hutchinson to Premiership side Middlesbrough in a deal reputed to be worth around £100,000. Gedling Road was once graced by Geoff Hurst in 1977 playing for Telford United in an F.A.Cup preliminary round.  

Since 1954, then known as Arnold St.Mary's,  the Club played their football at the King George V Recreation Ground in the heart of the north-eastern Nottingham suburb of Arnold.  Local ale producer, Home Brewery, owned the majority of the land and generously handed it over to the people of Arnold to use for sport and recreational purposes. However, this notable gesture was not mentioned in the deed of conveyance and was subsequently challenged by the Charities Commission in 1999 following a single complaint by a local resident that they could not access the land to walk their dog on a Saturday afternoon. Consequently, moves were made to expel Arnold from their home. This oversight by the now extinct Home Brewery has led to a fight to ensure another of Arnold's treasures does not go the same way. In 2004, Arnold survived a stay of execution whilst they attempted to find another home, but in April 2008, the curtain finally came down on Gedling Road.

Since the Charities Commission ruling in 1999, the Club looked at numerous possibilities in an effort to identify a suitable alternative for the Club could thrive. Bestwood Lodge, Arno Vale Road & Killsick were all examined. Additionally, ground sharing with Carlton Town & Notts County were both been sited, but none of these options was deemed realistically viable. Step forward Eagle Valley.  At the beginning of the 2004/05 season, the choice was simple for Arnold Town, move or die.  Things really were that desperate. Fortunately, after several years of waiting, Arnold have finally received the necessary funding from The Football Foundation to safeguard their future - the gloriously named Eagle Valley.

Located on arable farmland at the junction of the A614 Ollerton Road & B6386 Oxton Road, at some two and a half miles away from Arnold Town Centre, it is not an ideal location, but the initial plans could certainly be described as idyllic. Set in undulating countryside, the intention is for Eagle Valley to blend into its splendid natural surroundings. The  development incorporates a number of pitches to ensure that the 300+ players for Arnold Town, Arnold Boys and Arnold Veterans continue to prosper.

In line with Northern Premier League requirements, the new Ground will have parking for a visiting team bus, directors and match officials. There will also be parking for 70 cars, with grass mouldings angled around the car park to maintain the tranquility of the area. Local public transport arrangements will be improved, including a bus running from the old ground, with discount offered on your match day ticket on production of your bus ticket. Careful consideration has been given to the floodlight luminaries. Whilst ensuring that the Club meet the minimum requirement of 200 lux, they intend to reduce the visible column height to reduce floodlight spillage. The Club have also considered the impact on local noise levels with dense mesh fencing panels used instead of using standard rebound boards. It is also the intention that other sports are played at the venue in partnership with a local school. The project is estimated to have cost in the region of £1.4m, with the majority of the funding coming from the Football Foundation. To help raise funds for the new stadium, the Club is to install a 'Rock of Arnold' at the new Eagle Valley. The Rock will have 1000 names engraved. In return for your donation of £25, your name will be forever inscribed on the Rock of Arnold.

A single story pavilion is located towards the centre of the site, . A proposed stand, with a capacity of 750 would include 250 seats will be largely screened by the Pavilion to ensure it fits in with the surroundings. The intention is for a concrete free zone, with natural timber being the order of the day.

Future Plans

The Eagles could not do anymore to provide more breathtaking plans for the future of a local treasure. Of Arnold’s 30,000 inhabitants, over 1000 play a direct role in keeping the Club going, from junior to veteran ranks. Thankfully, the vociferous local support displayed through an eight thousand signature petition to the Government, signed by the likes Sir Alex Ferguson, Bobby Charlton, Roy Keane & Kevin Keegan,  has finally paid off and a local enterprise with over 100 years of history behind it will be live on.


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