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The Woodview Ground, Woodview, Cotgrave   Tel: 0115 9892414

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Who are ya? Welfare
What Division are you in? Nottinghamshire Senior League - Senior Division
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You must have come in a taxi

  From North  - From the A46 junction with the A52, * continue on the A46 southbound for 3.3 miles. Turn right onto Colston Gate (signposted for Cotgrave). Continue for 0.6 miles, then take the first left into Ringleas. Take the 2nd right into Lingford, then left at the top of the road into Woodview. Cotgrave Miners Welfare is a short distance on your left, and has a large car park.

From South  -  From the A46 junction with the A606, continue on the A606 southbound for 3.2 miles. Turn left onto Owthorpe Road (signposted for Cotgrave). Continue for 1 miles, then turn right onto Ringleas. Take the 4th left onto Woodview, and  Cotgrave Miners Welfare is a short distance on your right, and has a large car park.

From East - Take the A52 to its junction with the A46. Then as * from North.

From West - Take the A6011 out of Nottingham, following signs for A52 - Grantham. At the Gamston Roundabout, continue eastbound on the A52 (Grantham). for 1.6 miles. Take the first right - signed for Cotgrave - onto Main Road for 2.4 miles. This becomes Candleby Lane, then Woodview. Cotgrave Miners Welfare is on your right, and has a large car park.

   TrentBarton - Cotgrave Connection (Nottm Friar Lane - Ringleas) passes Woodview.

   Radcliffe-on-Trent - 4 miles (on the Central Trains Liverpool - Norwich line)

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My garden shed is bigger than this

In 1759, the gentry from the nearby Pierrepont Estate paid 1 pound and 5 shillings "for coming over and viewing Cotgrave Woulds for coal". It took another 190 years before any was discovered. In 1861 the first association football club in Nottinghamshire was created. It took another 85 years before Cotgrave had its own club. You could form the impression that change doesn't tend to not happen too quickly in Cotgrave, unless its a change in name or an amalgamation of your football club that you're after.

The first known football club, formed shortly after the end of the Second World War, was simply entitled Cotgrave Football Club. They joined the South Notts Realm League in 1946, marking the beginning of a modern era that would the village of Cotgrave beyond recognition.

Between 1949 and 1951, exploratory boring for coal began in earnest. Princess Margaret visited the site in 1954 to dig the first spade full of earth, bringing about a rapid increase in the population. By the time Cotgrave F.C. had moved up to the Notts & District League, over a thousand Coal Board houses had been erected. The 1960's saw an upturn in the fortunes of the village-turned-town. It is fair to say that the capture of both the Division three & Div Two title in successive years respectively was a direct result of having fit, young, sport hungry miners from across the nation seeking work & making Cotgrave their new home. The continued success prompted a move in 1979/80 to the Notts Amateur League. A year later they achieved a League & Cup double. Building upon this success saw a move into a higher league, the Notts Combination. Then the confusing name changes commenced.

1983 saw an amalgamation of Cotgrave F.C. & a rival colliery side, Cotgrave Colliery Welfare FC. The two clubs settled on a name change to Cotgrave United F.C. This was also when the club moved to its present home on Woodview.  The merger was the beginning of a new era in their history, with the proudest moment coming in the 1986/87 season, which saw United sweep the board in winning all the Combination's major trophies, the Premier League, K.O. Cup, & the Senior Cup. Their success prompted a move up to the Notts Alliance, and whilst there was some cup joy, the closure of the pit in 1993 was to lead to the first real decline in the Club's fortunes.

In 1998 the Club decided to revert back to the previously used name of Cotgrave Colliery Welfare, with the aim to re-enforce the Clubs historic link with the mining industry. Just to confuse matters, a separate club was established soon after, assuming the name of Cotgrave United. Cotgrave Colliery Welfare continued to struggle both on and off the pitch, eventually leading to a merge with the new Cotgrave United. The name? The not so catchy "Cotgrave Colliery Welfare United FC".

Whilst the name didn't quite role off the tongue, its aims were admirable. The newly merge teams brought in fresh faces, the committees were amalgamated and a whole new direction on and off the field were mapped out. On the field the Club moved to the Notts Senior League and settled on a simpler name by 2006, Cotgrave Welfare Football Club. Success was immediate, capturing the NSL Championship in their first season.

Off the pitch, the Club can also be very proud of its achievements indeed. The idyllically named Woodview, referring to the woods on the hillsides to the south of the town, has undergone quite a transformation in recent years. The pitch drainage has been substantially improved with the Club which now housing one of the finest pitches in local non-league football.

Woodview has a very open feel to it. A symmetrical pitch borders the main pitch to the west,  and a mini-pitch to its east. Additionally, Woodview feels very exposed due to the lack of seating facilities for supporters to enjoy. All Welfare presently has in the form of spectator facilities is a makeshift canopy attached to the side of the Welfare Social Club. Set back from pitchside and held aloft by five wooden posts, this does provide some much needed cover. The only other option is to perch oneself on the pitchside barrier encircling the whole pitch.

In 2003, the Club delivered on its promise of installing floodlights. Four modern steel pylons stand tall in each corner of the pitch. The clusters contained within are slightly different to the norm due to their positioning of two below and two above their supporting post. The floodlights were officially the turned on by then Nottingham Forest Manager, Paul Hart.

There are two continental-style dug outs on the east side of the pitch. These identical perplex structures can easily house six individuals and are positioned in front of the the Welfare building that dominates the Woodview side of the pitch. The Club's changing facilities are encompassed this wonderful Social Club, which can house anything from a corporate event to a fine pint for the passing customer. I would strongly urge a visit to this fine establishment during your visit. Besides the entrance to the ground is a greeting sign referring to the Club's old name, "Welcome to Cotgrave Colliery Welfare United Football Club". Given the Club's fondness for a name change, I don't think it'll be coming down just yet.

Future Plans

  Non to disclose, but the ambitious club are sure to continue to grow.


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