Miners Welfare  

est. 1926


Digby Street, Kimberley Tel: 0115 9384067

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Who are ya? Welfare
What Division are you in? Nottinghamshire Senior League - Senior Division


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 From M1 Jn.26 - Take third exit off the roundabout for the A610(Ripley). After 3 miles take the sliproad exit for Awsworth (you will see a large IKEA just ahead on the RHS). Take third exit off the roundabout for  B6010 (Eastwood). At next roundabout take the third exit for Kimberley. Take the second on the right into Digby Street. The Ground is tucked away 120 yards down this road on your RHS. A short graveled path will lead you to the ground.

From Hucknall - Pass Hucknall Town's ground, taking the B6009 Watnall Road towards Watnall. Upon reaching the B600 Main Road, turn left. Continue for 0.6 miles before turning right into Newdigate Road. After 0.5 miles you will reach the junction with Main Street, turn right. After 0.7 miles turn into Digby Street on your LHS, opposite a school. The Ground is tucked away 120 yards down this road on your RHS. A short graveled path will lead you to the ground.

    TrentBarton - Rainbow 1 (Nottm Victoria Station - Eastwood/Alfreton/Ripley) & No.125 (Derby Bus Station - Hucknall Library) both run regularly, and pass by Digby Street.

     Langley Mill - 3.1 miles

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My garden shed is bigger than this

Whilst Kimberley has a proud history of its citizens working in the surrounding collieries of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, there has been no active pit in Kimberley since 1897. However, it would be fair to say that finding the town's old colliery shafts would be an easier task than locating Welfare's Digby Street Ground.

Tucked away as it is between extended housing developments behind Digby Street on the westerly outskirts of Kimberley, it reminds of that feeling of intrusion one feels when entering the away turnstiles at Luton Town's Kenilworth Road. A rusting sign await those who eventually find the barb wire protected entrance gates reading,  "This is Kimberley Miners Welfare Football Ground & it is not a public right of way. Any person causing damage to the fencing or ground will be prosecuted". No welcome, no messing. One suspects the Club have experienced one or two problems with vandalism over the years and have decided to protect their sacred ground, and rightfully so.

Whilst their facilities might not be up to the same standard as their big brother Kimberley Town down the road, the Club have done particularly better in recent years when it comes to success on the pitch. In 1997 they won the Notts Alliance 2nd Division and by the turn of the century had added the 1st Division title to their collection. In 2004 they became founder members of the Nottinghamshire Senior League.

The Digby Street Ground is a pretty basic affair with unfortunately offers no sheltered accommodation for supporters. The majority of the pitch is sectioned off by a series of flimsy rusty metal stakes carrying a lazer blue rope. However, the Club have erected a more sturdy metal barrier around the quarter of the pitch in front of the Clubhouse, presumable in case any of the spectators get a bit too excited. Sited in the north-east corner of the ground is the Club's porter cabin style changing rooms, brightly painted in Club colours of Red & Black. Besides these is an adequate wooden Clubhouse which handily provides spectators with somewhere to shelter should the heavens open, and no doubt of pint of the town's famous export, Kimberley Ale.

Behind both ends of the Ground, the Club have erected large metal fences to prevent the loss of precious balls to the busy A610 to the south, and the household waste centre to the north. At the Gilt Farm End there are two rusty, two cluster floodlights overlooking the pitch, though these have clearly seen better days.

There are  two well built concrete dugouts on the Digby Street side of the ground which have a seemingly elevated view of events on the pitch. Whilst Digby Street is one of the less glamorous venues on the Nottinghamshire circuit, it has to be said that the Club are clearly very conscious of maintaining the tidiness of the venue judging by the numerous wheelie bins positioned alongside of the pitch on the Digby Street side of the ground. If you can find it, a visit is recommended. It a worthy alternative to a five hour stroll around the neighbouring IKEAsuperstore.

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