Many of the links on this page are to sites which have aided my research, for which I'm eternally grateful. I've also included some of my own personal favourites. For links to the 51 Saturday senior Nottinghamshire club sites click here. If you would like me to consider a reciprocating link to your site, then contact me at [email protected] 

local football interest    Nottinghamshire's governing bodies website. Acres of info regarding grassroots football from across the county for both sexes & all ages. Be sure to catch the free downloadable monthly magazine    A speedy results service, regular news & a well used message board are just a few highlights of the Nottinghamshire Senior League's excellent and professional website Unofficial Central Midlands League's forum. The only place to get news on the CML since the CML website sadly closed down in the summer of 2006. Extensive offering from the Northern Counties East League with a well maintained results services & numerous detailed drop down menus to explore

  Northern Counties East League forum, re-established May 2007.  Glossy and excellently maintained Northern League offering everything you need to know about the NPL, with added extras of a transfer latest and monthly award section Conclusive coverage of mainly the Conference, but also Conference North & Conference South. Innovative 'your say' & video sections Official site of the East Midlands Counties League. Unofficial forum for the Step 6 East Midlands Counties League. As efficient a website as anyone would expect from the Football League Homepage of the Football Association  Home to the Nottinghamshire Amateur Alliance Regularly updated guide to non-league results and tables across the UK & Ireland, including the Notts Amateur Alliance, NSL & CML.  Links to East Midlands league sites, as well as various football sites from across the UK Links to sides throughout Nottinghamshire, not just the senior Saturday sides Notts Amateur Alliance Forum for general and club specific chat regarding the NAA

additional notts saturday football clubs (MAA, NAA & Newark Alliance)

AFC Bridgford Beacon BG Hawtonville Bilsthorpe Albion Coddington Fiskerton
Notts Metropolis FC Samba Selston Trident Woodborough United

superb football stadia sites  The ultimate online guide to all UK league & Step 1 grounds This is without doubt the online bible of world stadia. It may all be in German, but fortunately the international language of football grounds has no boundaries. Sadly, this is now a subscription service so only for the connoisseur A glorious site dedicated to all levels of non-league football - a must to visit! Another superb offering from Germany, with a marvelous array of links Fine UK website covering stadia from across the globe. Nice future stadia section Excellently mapped stadium guide, but real gems are the theory of stadium principles (for anoraks only!) and the proposed Sicilian stadium, Stadio Dči Palici - a work of art  In addition to League grounds, some Step 1 - 4 grounds are covered. Worth a visit As Mr Floate himself points out - "Don't expect to see the new grounds - I prefer big covered terraces and pitched-roof grandstands, without an off-the-shelf 'stand' in sight" Do not miss the floodlight section - pure genius!  Dedicated guide to various Non-League grounds from A - M A photographic gem for the real non-league connoisseur. Not just grounds covered here, but dug outs, floodlights, huts and even rollers! A superb links page too.  Flagship website for the essential Football Ground magazine Astounding collection of photography from 'hops' across Europe. Where do these Germans find the time! German groundhopping website with some particularly colourful photography portraying the fierce intensity of Polish football Detailed stadia site, offering a vast array of photos, but with the added bonus of details on capacities, average crowds, and even lighting lux Flagship for The Football Traveller magazine, noteworthy site for its fine discussion board and details of up-and-coming 'hops'. Well worth a visit Fine collection of photos from around the world, including a 'Top 80'.

the best of the rest... The site of the late, great, statistical master. Contained updated attendances from the Premiership right down to Step 7, with accurate guidance on restructure implications. Sadly Tony died of liver cancer in 2009. R.I.P. Football Club History Database providing a statistical history of clubs in England & Wales. Includes league & cup results, with bias is shown towards big clubs, village sides and long-forgotten names of the past are given equal coverage  A comprehensive links site covering everything from ground developments to players websites. Well worth a scan The definitive guide to the English non-league football pyramid. Succeeds in its mission to show how non-league football is structured in England Join the campaign to get safe terracing back at the top level of British football

A magnificant site exploring the wonderful fans, history & grounds of non-League Midlands football Home page to Sheffield F.C. Has the honour of being the only linked non-Nottinghamshire club site, due to the wonderful observations of life groundhopping  in the 'Trev's Travels' section, including grounds in Notts. Website for the AFS (Association of Football Statisticians), the world’s leading organisation of football  statistics and historians. Subscription site, but plenty of gripping articles on football in general to peruse for free, and some stunning historical photography The online bible for researching world football derbies. Superb coverage from every derby imaginable. Hours of entertainment here Worldwide, up-to-date league database covering 52 countries, 813 seasons and 2391 teams - the stats speak for themselves. Reliable web building site for football clubs, hence there are loads of teams that can be found from all over the country through here. Great place for teams looking to build their own site. Online football score prediction league for individuals, teams or workmates. Not only is it fun, but it's free! The register of English Football Facilities. An astounding mapping aid that could put my site out of business! This unique database allows footballers to find their local football pitches and grounds and informs them of the type of facilities they can expect to find there.